About John Labban

My background

I am a current mortgage operations professional with nearly 6 years experience processing Conventional, FHA,  and VA loans. 

In additional to being a mortgage professional, I own Tricon Enterprise, Inc. a marketing company which publishes Your Campus Hookup and participates in consulting work for media and advertising campaigns. 

About John

I am a very self-motivated individual who knows that hard work and smart work get things done. I am a very accomplished mortgage professional, part time entrepreneur, and I am still seeking my dream of taking my "Human Calendar Man" talents to the America's Got Talent final show. 

Things I love

I love to travel (mainly in the United States), experience other cultures, hit the gym, be outdoors (outdoor sports are great), and go to a few sporting events. Main loves are of course: Money, women, power, and cars  

In addition, I am the published author of Glory Road. Glory Road was published originally in 2008 but since redone in 2015. The book is published by AuthorHouse in Indiana and available for sale all over the world. 

Contact Me

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Tricon Enterprise and Your Campus Hookup

If you need to have your business on the Your Campus Hookup website, please give me a call or email me. YCH covers the state of Florida, and nationally. I would love a chance to earn your business. 

John A. Labban

Jacksonville, Florida

(904) 250-8730